2021 Surgical/Dental Pricing Guide

Proof of current rabies vaccination is required at the time of surgery. If proof is not provided, a Rabies vaccination will be given at an additional charge of $10 (except for feral cats).


NOTE: Our surgeon is currently limited in length of surgery due to wrist problems.  Because of this, we are not able to do surgeries that exceed 30 minutes in length which include older and large dog spays.  If you need a spay on an older dog or dog over 50 lbs - please contact one of the other spay/neuter clinics in the area.  Click HERE for a list. 

All anesthesia/sedation includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression when possible. 

We do offer but do not routinely require pre-anesthetic bloodwork.

Canine Surgery:

(Includes surgery, microchip, and post-operative pain medication)

≤ 6 months old:   Spay/Neuter - $125

>6 months old      Spay - $175  (please see note above) 

                               Neuter - $140

**Due to increased risk we will not spay dogs while they are in estrus (heat) **

Feline Surgery:

(Includes surgery and microchip, ear tip is available for free on request)

Spay: $80

Neuter: $80

**If pregnant -  Additional fee of $10**

Declaw (front only): $190

Declaw (front only) over 12lbs or over 3 years: $215

Feral Spay/Neuter: $55

(Includes Ear tip, surgery, and rabies vaccine)

**Limited to feral cats - must come in a humane/live trap **

Dental Cleaning:

Senior (includes cardiac radiographs): $195

** All dogs/cats over 10 years of age are considered senior dentals.  It can be requested for a dog/cat of any age**

Non-senior: $175

Mild Extractions: $40

Moderate Extractions: $50

Severe Extractions: $60

Antibiotics (if needed): $20+

Oral Pain Medication (if needed) : $15+

**If we have not seen your pet in the last six months a FREE pre-dental visit is required. **


Nail Trim with Sedation: $75

Sedation for exam:  $50

Sedation for grooming (need to make arrangements with groomer as well) $50

Mass Removal: Starts at $175

Histopathology for mass removed - Starts at $100

Skin biopsy / dermopathology - Starts at $150

Add on Surgical Pricing:

Dewclaw removal (bone attachment): $75 each

Dewclaw removal (skin attachment): $50 each

Dental Cleaning: $90

Declaw (front only): $115

Declaw (front only): over 12lbs or over 3 years: $140

Umbilical Hernia Repair: $50-$75

Mass removal -  starts at $50

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