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Surgical Pricing

2024 Surgical/Dental Pricing Guide
Effective April 1, 2024

Proof of current rabies vaccination is required at the time of surgery. If proof is not provided, a Rabies vaccination will be given at an additional charge of $13.50 (except for feral cats).


NOTE: From April 15 2024 through June 15 2024 we will have very limited surgery appointment availability.  Please visit our Veterinary Resources page for a list of the alternate low-coat spay/neuter clinics in the area. 

Click HERE for a list. 

All anesthesia/sedation includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression when possible. 

We do offer but do not routinely require pre-anesthetic bloodwork.

We do require a presurgical examination (no charge) for all pets over 5 years of age that we have not seen within 6 months of the scheduled anesthesia/sedation. 

Canine Surgery:  (limited availability)

(Includes surgery, microchip, and post-operative pain medication)

≤ 9 months old:   Spay/Neuter - $185

>9 months old      Spay - $260 

                               Neuter - $200

**Due to increased risk we will not spay dogs while they are in estrus (heat) **

Feline Surgery:  (limited availability)

(Includes surgery and microchip, ear tip is available for free on request)

           Spay: $100    Neuter: $100

**If pregnant -  Additional fee of $15**

Declaw (front only): $215

Declaw (front only) over 12lbs or over 3 years: $275

Feral Spay/Neuter: (limited availability) -  $70

(Includes Ear tip, surgery, and rabies vaccine)

**Limited to feral cats - must come in a humane/live trap **

Dental Cleaning:

Senior (includes cardiac radiographs): $250

** All dogs/cats over 10 years of age are considered senior dentals.  It can be requested for a dog/cat of any age**

Non-senior:    $235

Mild Extractions: $60

Moderate Extractions: $70

Severe Extractions: $80

Antibiotics (if needed): $20+

Oral Pain Medication (if needed) : $15+

Most common total cost of dental cleaning, extractions and antibiotic is around $350

**If we have not seen your pet in the last three months a FREE pre-dental visit is required. **


Nail Trim with Sedation: $90

Sedation for exam:  $60

Sedation for grooming (need to make arrangements with groomer as well):  $60

Mass Removal: Starts at $200  (limited availability - requires pre-surgical exam)

Histopathology for mass removed - Starts at $150

Skin biopsy / dermopathology - Starts at $250

Add-on to a primary surgery/dental Surgical Pricing:(limited availability)

Dewclaw removal (bone attachment): $95 each

Dewclaw removal (skin attachment): $65 each

Dental Cleaning: $120

Declaw (front only): $135

Declaw (front only): over 12lbs or over 3 years: $160

Umbilical Hernia Repair: starts at $90

Mass removal -  starts at $125

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