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Sunday & Monday- CLOSED  Tuesday- Surgical Appointments   Wednesday & Thursday- 11:00AM-4:30PM     Friday-1030:AM-4:00PM See Saturday Schedule HERE

NOTE: We no longer accept walk-ins

Providing Quality Care at an Affordable Price" is our goal! We at C.C.V.C. understand the high costs of veterinary care as well as the toll it can take on pet owners.

Coastal Community Veterinary Clinic started out as a dream amongst animal rescuers in Liberty and Long Counties. Finding homes for pets in need is only one part of the solution but another equally important part

is to reduce the number of pets in need. Throughout the country, the most effective way to do this has been proven time and time again to be spay and neuter clinics. 


Through the combined efforts of Liberty Humane Shelter and many others, Coastal Community Veterinary Clinic was created and opened to the public on October 15, 2013. We started with very humble beginnings creating a clinic out of donated facilities, time, and lots of hard work. Initially, we are offering basic services and routine surgeries but hope to grow and expand over time.  While we are primarily oriented toward dogs and cats, we do offer some basic equine and non-avian exotic services. 


We also hope to be able to obtain” trap-neuter-release” grants as well as “spay-neuter” grants to help provide free or greatly reduced services based on the specific conditions of the grant (feral cats, animals living in certain zip codes, etc.)



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