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Office pricing

2024 Office Services Pricing Guide

Examination Fees:

Preventative Care: $0

Wellness: $40

Pre and Post-Surgical: $0

Non-Wellness: $55

Recheck: $35

**Wellness exam include "puppy purchase" exams and new patient exams when they do not require other services. **

**There is no exam charge for pets coming in for routine vaccinations and other preventative care.**

**Non-well examinations are for pets with health concerns such as skin/ear infections, GI upset, lameness, etc **


Rabies 1 Year: $13.50

Rabies 3 Year: $37

** 3 year Rabies vaccination can only be given as a booster to a current Rabies vaccination - proof of this is required before a 3 year vaccine can be given **



DHPP Puppy: $27.50

DHPP Adult 1 Year: $32

DHPP Adult 3 year: $85

Bordetella: $30

Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2): $42.50

Leptospirosis Puppy:  $24

Leptospirosis: $29

Lyme: $60

** Lyme vaccine needs to be preordered 5-7 days prior to your appointment as we do not routinely keep it in stock.  Contact us to make those arrangements ** 

Rattlesnake Toxoid "vaccine"  $35

** contact us preordering as we do not routinely keep it in stock**


FVRCP Kitten: $27.50

FVRCP Adult 1 year: $32

FVRCP Adult 3 year: $85

FeLV Kitten: $27.50

FeLV Adult 1 year: $32

FeLV Adult 2 Year: $57.50


Puppy/Kitten: $9

Feline Adult: $13

Canine Adult <50lbs: $22

Canine Adult >50lbs: $25

Tapeworm Injection: $40-$60

Routine Testing:

Heartworm Test: $40

FeLV/FIV Combo Test: $49.50

Fecal (Intestinal Worm) Test: $29***

*** We STRONGLY recommend including a fecal check for intestinal parasites for all puppies at their initial visit and all dogs at their annual vaccinations.   Adult dogs should be tested every 6months minimum  for intestinal parasites as we are seeing here (and it is being reported nationwide) sporadic resistance to routine dewormers especially with debilitating hookworms ***

Litter Services:(12 weeks and under)

Deworm ( Any Number):             $50

Deworm/DHPP <5 Puppies:       $120

Deworm/DHPP 6-10 Puppies:    $240

Deworm/DHPP > 10 Puppies:    $24Each

Deworm/FVRCP <5 Kittens:       $120

Deworm/FVRCP >5 Kittens:       $24 Each

Fecal (Intestinal Worm) Test:      $55

FeLV/FIV (Combo) Test:               $80

Microchip >8 months: $35

Microchip ≤8 months:  $30

See separate page for heartworm, flea and tick preventatives prices. 

We do offer very limited equine services (vaccinations, preventative care medications, etc)  - contact us for more information.

Non-well Services

Skin Scrape (check for mange)           $29

Ear swab (check for mites/infection)  $29
Parvovirus Test                                      $60

Fungal Culture (check for ringworm)  $35

Spay Confirmation Blood Test             $95

Medication such as antibiotics vary greatly in cost - these are best discussed on a case by case basis. 

Allergy medication - we do carry both Apoquel and Cytopoint.  Again cost varies and it best discussed on an individual basis.

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork           $100

Basic Bloodwork                           $125

Senior Bloodwork                         $225

Cancer Screen                              $475

(62% accurate for the 8 most common cancers - need to preorder)

Specific Panels (drug, hormone, etc) varies

**Bloodwork sent to off-site lab**

Routine Radiographs (Xrays)              $175
 **note we are not able to do emergent or critical care radiographs (xrays) **

Heartworm Treatment ("fast kill")

    Asymptomatic            $500+

    Symptomatic              $750+


   Small (<15 lbs)            $85

   Medium (15-40 lbs)     $95

   Large (40-80)               $105

   Extra Large (80-120)   $115

   Giant (120+)                  $125

Cremation (ashes not returned)   

Included in the euthanasia price above

Cremation (ashes returned) varies ($150+)

We offer limited reproductive services including progesterone and LH testing to time breedings, side-by-side AI and chilled semen AI.  Currently we cannot collect/store/ship semen or do AI with frozen semen.

See lower page for explanation of vaccine abbreviations, vaccine recommendations

and other preventative care considerations.

Adult Canine Wellness Packages:

(1) Adult Basic Wellness: 

     Recommended for all dogs

     Rabies (1 yr), DHPP (1 yr), Leptspirosis (1 yr) Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite

                                                                                                            Check (fecal)

     Cost:  $110 (~23% savings off individual services)

(2) Adult Social Dog Wellness

    Recommended for dogs that board often, are groomed often, around other

         dogs on a regular basis such as doggie daycare or the dog park 

    Rabies (1 yr), DHPP (1 yr), Leptospirosis (1 yr) Bordetella, Canine Influenza (both

                     strains), Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite Check (fecal)

    Cost:  $170.00 (~21% savings off individual services)

(3) Proheart injection - an entire year of heartworm and hookworm prevention

    Adult Basic + Heartworm Preventative Package - $250 (avg16% savings)

    Adult Social + Heartworm Preventative Package - $310 (avg 16 % savings)


Puppy and Kitten Packages
These packages are the age appropriate core preventative care (vaccinations, testing, parasite control).  Due to the services being age related they are limited to those within the relevant age range.  Price for each visit is $80 which is an approximately 19% savings (puppy) and 15% savings (kitten).

See below images for details

Adult Feline Wellness Packages

(1) Adult Feline Wellness Package

     Rabies (1 yr), FVCRP (1 yr), FeLV (1 yr), deworm

     Cost:  $81.50 (10% off individual services)

     + Parasite Prevention (6 months of Revolt)

     Cost: $205.50 (11% off individual services)

(2) Adult Outdoor Package

     Rabies (1 yr), FVCRP (1 yr), FeLV (1 yr), deworm, FeLV/FIV test

     Cost:  $125 (11% off individual services)

     + Parasite Prevention Package (6 months of Revolution Plus)

     Cost: $250 (11% off individual services)

Vaccine Information/Abbreviations



Vaccines are divided into CORE (all individuals need) and NON-CORE (need is based on lifestyle). 

For dogs the CORE vaccines are Rabies, Leptospirosis, and Distemper-Parvo-Hepatitis (DHPP)

All puppies and dogs need these vaccinations at the appropriate intervals. 


Puppies need a series of vaccinations every 3-4 weeks until they are a minimum of 16 weeks.  It is strongly recommended to get an initial fecal examination for intestinal parasites and deworming at each of the puppy vaccination visits.

For dogs/puppies the NON-CORE vaccines include:

   (1) For dogs routinely around lots of other dogs outside the home such as

        boarding, grooming, doggy daycare, dog parks, dog shows/performance

        events, therapy dogs that work in groups, etc :

             Bordetella (kennel cough)

             Canine Influenza (both the H3N2 and the H3N8 strains)

    (2) For dogs travelling or living in the northeast or midwest or that routinely

         have ticks attached:

               Lyme (note this vaccine needs to be preordered as we do not

                         routinely keep it in stock)

    (3) For dogs with a history of or an anticipated high risk of exposure to

         rattlesnakes (hunting dogs, farm dogs, etc)

               Rattlesnake Toxoid "vaccine" - note this does NOT eliminate the

                    need for emergent veterinary care if the dog is bitten it just slows

                    down the venom and gives time for veterinary care to be obtained. 

                 NOTE:  this is also a vaccine that needs to be preordered

All dogs need annual heartworm tests and we strongly recommend annual (or semi-annual) fecal examinations for intestinal parasites as we are seeing locally and reports are coming in nationwide about resistance to common dewormers especially with debilitating hookworms. 

For kittens the CORE vaccines are Rabies, FVCRP (upper respiratory complex that includes chalymida, calici, and other common respiratory infecions), and FeLV (Feline Leukemia).  It is strongly recommended to test kittens for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus aka "feline AIDS") once they are 8 weeks old.  Kittens should have an initial fecal check for intestinal parasites and regular dewormings with their vaccinations (every 3 weeks until a minimum of 13 weeks of age)

For adult cats the CORE vaccines are Rabies and FVCRP with the NON- CORE FeLV vaccine recommended for cats that go outside at any time and indoor only cats living in homes with outside cats (stray or owned) or cats that go outside.  It is recommended that adult cats be tested at least every 3 years if not annually for FeLV/FIV especially if they go outdoors or live in a household with cats that go outdoors.   

Routine fecal checks have become very important even for indoor only cats as we are seeing resistant hookworms to routine dewormers even in indoor only cats.  The most common intestinal parasite that adult cats get are tapeworms that come from eating a bug or lizard or flea.  These worms are commonly seen in the feces (poop) or around the anus in the fur and look like inchworms or rice grains.  Because they are shed intermittently they are not consistently found on fecal examinations; thus, monitoring for them is the best detection option.  Routine deworming for other intestinal parasites is recommended when vaccinated.

Heartworm preventative is started as early as 8 weeks of age and needs to be given consistently throughout the life of the dog (and recommended for cats too).   Heartworms are transmitted by a mosquito bite making our area very high risk for heartworm disease. The minimum age for Proheart (the 12 month heartworm prevention injection) is 1 year of age.


Flea +/- tick preventative is also started around 8 weeks of age and most pets in this area need it all year.  Fleas are active year around in our temperate climate and ticks while possible all year are most active in the fall and winter months. While Lyme disease is not common in this area other very serious tick borne diseases like Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis are.

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