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Our low-cost non-profit clinic is here to help serve the needs of Coastal Georgia residents and their pets.
Attention:  We now accept Care Credit

Just as the name suggests, we are a veterinary clinic for the community. We offer routine and preventative care, vaccinations, low-cost spay and neutering, as well as other minor surgical procedures. Behavioral counseling is available for some common issues. In addition to dogs and cats, C.C.V.C also welcomes non-avian exotics such as reptiles, amphibians, "pocket pets", rabbits, ferrets, etc for basic wellness care.


Currently, we are not set up to provide care for seriously injured pets, pets needing hospitalization, or emergencies. We do hope in the future that this will change but for now, should your pet(s) condition fall into one of those categories we recommend seeking care from one of the other area veterinary hospitals equipped to handle such scenarios.  We offer limited diagnostics including routine X-rays (radiographs) and bloodwork (sent off-site). 

Please note that in an effort to keep our prices as reasonable as possible we have a minimal staff.  This mostly impacts answering and returning calls.  All calls go through an off-site answering center that batches messages and sends them to us throughout the day - thus, there will be a delay often up to 1 business day before someone from our office will contact you.  We are working on alternative means of contact including text, email, and this website.  Nevertheless, immediate communication is rarely possible with our limited personnel.  We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter. 


Non-surgical Service information and pricing** can be found HERE

Surgical/Dental Service information and pricing** can be found HERE

**We are making every effort to keep prices as fair and reasonable as we can for everyone and thus, are not able to provide additional discounts.**


We carry common prescription pet medications including heartworm and flea preventatives. If your pet needs medication that we do not routinely carry we can either special order the medication or supply written prescriptions for these medications. These can be filled at a local pharmacy of your choice (many area pharmacies carry a wide range of pet medication).  We can also authorize medication from online pharmacies as well.  Do note that all prescription medication requires a valid patient-doctor relationship to dispense or authorize.  Prescription diets can be ordered upon request. Please give us a 5 - 7 day notice of your needs for these products. 


We look forward to being partners with our fellow animal lovers and owners in providing our beloved pets with healthy and happy lives. Thank you for loving and caring for your animal!

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