Feline helpful tips and tricks.

This page is a collection of videos to help Cat owners learn new tricks and gain helpful information about their pets.

Why do Cats Need Routine Veterinary Checkups

This video discusses what veterinarians do during a yearly veterinary checkup. During physical examinations, veterinarians can often detect conditions that may affect your cat's health long before they become significant so they can be managed or cured before they become painful or more costly.

Why yearly feline check-ups are crucial

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran explains how to avoid future headaches and additional expenses just by taking your cat to see to the veterinarian regularly.

How to give a cat a pill

This video is to help clients learn how to give their cat a pill.  dvm360.com editors worked with veterinarians at Olathe Animal Hospital in Olathe, Kan., to create the video.

The One Thing to Know Before Adopting a Cat  

With so many cats in shelters, how do you know which one is right for you? Jackson has several reasons why adopting an older cat might be the best choice for your family or home, and some of the reasons might surprise you! Expand your circle of compassion in this week's Cat Mojo!

Welcome to Cat Mojo! Each week Jackson will share his thoughts on everything from cat-related issues like declawing and squirt gun diplomacy to his craziest behind the scene stories as a cat behaviorist. Come join the feline frenzy, feel the mojo, share your love of cats and delve deep into the mind of Jackson Galaxy. We are all #TeamCatMojo!

The Best Way To Introduce Your Two Cats

If you're bringing home a second cat or already have two cats that just don't get along, this advice from Jackson can help establish a peaceful existence in your home. Be sure to share it with any friends that may be thinking about getting a second cat - it could just help save a cat's life!

3 Steps To Make Your Cat More Social

Jackson has 3 straightforward tips that you should try implementing gradually over a period of time to see if you can help bring out the best in your cat by overcoming their fears. Have patience and keep realistic expectations. Jackson shows you how in this week's Cat Mojo.

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