Georgia Pontikakis
Sandra Frye
Director & Co-Founder

Sandra was born and raised in Hinesville. She attended Liberty County Schools and graduated in 1986 from Bradwell Institute. Sandra has always been an animal lover, owning a variety of animals throughout her life. Her family owned dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, squirrels, pigs, a baby deer, and a skunk.


In 1988 she began working in the school system with handicapped children. Soon after the birth of her second child, she devoted her life to her children and volunteering in the school system. She was the PTA president and PTO president for many years.


In 2005 she joined Liberty Humane Shelter and their mission to save unwanted and abandoned animals in our community. She soon became the new president of the executive board. During her involvement with the shelter, many new policies and procedures were implemented that greatly improved the conditions for the animals. One major improvement was working with a local veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Peeples.


Although saving unwanted abandoned animals and finding them forever homes was an extremely rewarding endeavor, the problem of pet overpopulation never seemed to be alleviated. In 2013, the opportunity presented itself when Coastal Community Veterinary Clinic was founded. This joint venture between Liberty Humane Shelter, MOMS Rescue and Dr. Rachel Peeples created a separate entity that would provide low cost spay/neuters and low cost veterinary care.


Currently, Sandra is the director of Liberty Humane Shelter and participates in the day to day business of Coastal Community Vet Clinic. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 27 years. They have two daughters and two grandsons, 3 dogs and a horse. She loves to spend her spare time with her family and most importantly grandchildren. 

A native of Savannah, and long time resident of Hinesville,GA. Miss Georgia has had a passion for animals her entire life. An active member of the animal rescue community, she still can recall her first recuse case at the tender age of only 5, which was the start of a life long passion and the first of countless animal rescues to come. 

Georgia has made saving lives part of her everyday life, she works tirelessly with local organizations to save lives and give animals that would otherwise be put to sleep a second chance on life and love, by finding them safe harbor with local and out of state animal rescues. 


Georgia pocesses an extensive knowledge of aniamls and their needs which in turn makes her a valued assest to our CCVC team. She is also one of the Co-Founders who had a hand in making the dream of starting a low cost spay and neuter clinic in our area and turning that dream into a reality.  

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At Coastal Community Vet Clinic we strive to better serve the need of our clients and patients. Our staff is made up of individuals that also have your pets best interests in mind. We not only want pets to feel safe, we also want their owners to feel comfortable.

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