At Coastal Community Vet Clinic we understand it can be hard to know exactly what our pet(s) may need and when. We also know that each situation is different. On this page we have put together some  general information to help everyone know what their pets may need and at what ages, this is being provided to be used as a guideline only since as mentioned above each situation can be diffent and vary, but this will help you to know what standard reccommendations our vet has for dogs and cats and at which ages. We hope this will help answer some questions you may have and have also linked this page back to our price list so that you will also know what to expect in charges as well. Again this is only a standard guideline and may differ for your pet depending apon your situation.


Understanding what our pets need:

Puppies Less Than 6 Weeks Old -

We recommend deworming every 2 weeks. We also offer special litter pricing.

Puppies Over 6 Weeks of Age -

At this age puppies are ready for their first round of "puppy shots" which includes DHPP (Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvovirus-Parainfluenza) and deworming these are the Core recommendations. Boosters for puppies need to be given every 3 weeks until a minimum of 14 weeks. (Typically your puppy will need 3 rounds of puppy shots, given in 3-4 week intravals)

We also strongly recommend starting heartworm medication at this age. You can choose a medication that only covers Heartworm prevention or even ones that also offerheartworm with flea prevention and even Flea and Tick combined with Heartworm protection

Your pet may also need other services based on their lifestyle such as a lyme vaccination, bordatella, etc.

Puppies Over 8 Months Old -

Same as for 3 month old puppies they will need a Rabies and DHPP (Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvovirus-Parainfluenza) which is the core vaccinations, if your puppy has never had vaccinations before it will need a booster to these intial shots in 3-4 weeks from this visit. It will need deworming and your pet may also need other services based on their lifestyle such as bordatella, a lyme vaccination, etc. Having a fecal check and other vaccinations depends on each situation. If they have not been on heartworm prevention a heartworm test will be needed. If they have been on heartworm prevention no test is needed (Note: we will need proof of a negative heartworm test in the past 12 month if not performed by our clinic).

Dogs over 15 Months:

Rabies, DHPP (Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvovirus-Parainfluenza), and a heartworm test are Core. We also strongly recommend a fecal test, deworming and your pet may also need other services based on their lifestyle such as bordatella, a lyme vaccination, etc. Boosters may be given in 1 year or 3 years depending on animal and previous vaccinations they have received.

Dogs and Puppies...

Puppies Over 3 Months Old -

Rabies vaccinaton and DHPP (Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvovirus-Parainfluenza)are the core recommendation. If your puppy has not had prior vaccinations before this visit, one booster will be needed in 3-4 weeks.  Deworming if this is their first visit.  Your pet may also need other services based on their lifestyle such as bordatella, a lyme vaccination, etc. Having a fecal check and other vaccinations depends on the situation. Heartworm and flea prevention is also stongly recommended to start/continue.

Heartworm and flea prevention is recommended for all puppies and dogs monthly. Heartworms are a very large and real threat in Georgia and passed to our pets by misquitos. Costs of these medications vary depending on what things you want your pet protected from as well as being priced by the weight of the animal.

Cats and Kittens...

Kittens Less Than 6 Weeks Old -

We recommend deworming every 2 weeks and having a feline combo test done to test for Leukemia & FIV 

Kittens Over 3 Months Old -

Should receive the FVCRP/FeLV and a Rabies Vaccination if this is their first visit a booster will be needed in 3-4 weeks and they should be dewormed. We suggest also a feline fecal test as well as having a feline combo test done to test for Feline Leukemia & FIV Feline AIDS. both are recommended at their first visit. We do recommend starting Revolution for kittens/cats since this medication covers fleas and many other parasites.

Kittens Over 6 Weeks Old -

Should receive the FVCRP Vaccination which is a core shot (and FeLV if over 8 weeks), Boosters should be given every 3 weeks until a minimum of 13 weeks of age. They should be dewormed. We suggest also a feline fecal test as well as having a feline combo test done to test for Feline Leukemia & FIV Feline AIDS. both are recommended at their first visit. At this age we also recommend starting Revolution for kittens/cats since this medication covers fleas and many other parasites the cost runs between depending on the animals weight.

For Adult Cats-

Rabies and FVCRP are core. FeLV is recommended if the cat goes outdoors at all or if there are stay animals in the area since this could be unknowingly brought in on the soles of our shoes.  Rabies/FVCRP & FeLV  If the cat is outside on a regular basis, a feline combo test is recommended at least every other year if not annually (this tests for Feline Leukemia & FIV- Feline AIDS). A feline fecal test is recommended for all cats anually (we encourage bring in a sample which will be less stressful for your cat) Boosters for their vaccinations can be every 1 - 3 years depending on the circumstances.

"Heartworm prevention is important for cats too!"


Given the similarity in cost compared to other medications and the much greater protection Revolution offers for cats it would be our recommendation for monthly flea, heartworm and parasite treatment in cats. Revoluntion treats mites, heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas. 

Wellness & Vaccinations

Here are even more guidlines that can help clients better understand the vaccinations mentioned above. Some are Core while others are Non-Core. The information below will help explain the reasons for the recommedations we have and why.

Some Rules to Know


  • Rabies cannot be given until an animal has reached a minimum of 3 months old or 13 weeks.

  • ALL vaccinations except Rabies need an initial series (minium of 2) and then regular boosters (the intraval varies with the vaccination) to be truley effective

  • Minimum age for vaccination is 6 weeks

  • Puppy and kitten vaccinations are given every 3 weeks from the time they are started untill they reach 15 weeks old for puppies and 13 weeks old for kittens

  • We automatically deworm all puppies and kittens less than 3 months old unless an owner requests otherwise

  • Three year vaccinations can only be given as a booster to a currently vaccinated animals, thus the owner MUST provide proof of a current or very recently expired vaccination (less than 10 weeks). We offer three year vaccinations for Rabies, DHPP, FVCRP and FeLV, the other vaccinations offered are not formulated to create immunity for greater than one year.

  • Heartworm tests can be given at a minium of 8 months old. After this age an annual heartworm test is needed and recommended. To purchase Heartworm prevention medication a current heartworm test is needed, either done at our clinic or proof it was completed elsewhere else. The only exceptions to this are  pups between 8 months and 15 months that have proof of regular prevention administration (either purchased from us or a valid receipt showing it was  purchased elsewhere). ***PLEASE Note this rule is to protect your animal since if heartworm prevention medication is given to a pet who is unknowingly heartworm positive the results could be fatal!***

Canine Core & Non-Core Vaccinations


The "Core" vaccinations for dogs and puppies are Rabies and Distemper-Parvo (DHPP) these are typically given together at the same time. Some fimilar names you may have heard this reffered to as are, "the 5-way shot" or  "Puppy Shots", as well as DHPP and Rabies.


Non-Core vaccinations are Bordatella & Influenza commonly reffered to as the shot for kennel cough, keep in mind even though they are non-core that these are required if you plan on boarding your animal or if they visit the groomer regularly. Leptospirosis or Lepto is important if your pet frequents the woods, swampy areas or is around rodents alot. Lyme vaccinations are important if your pet gets a lot of ticks, the pet travels or the owners plan on moving to the northeast or midwest.

Feline Core & Non-Core Vaccinations


"Core" vaccinations for cats are Rabies and Feline Upper Respiratory (FVCRP). For kittens Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is core.

Non-Core vaccinations are FeLV for adult cats.

Ferret Vaccinations


The only other species we routinely vaccinate are ferrets. They need Rabies and Ferret Distemper. The latter is a special order vaccine so if you need this for your pet please give us a minimum of 10 days notice so that we may have it ordered and shipped to us in time for your scheduled appointment.

Recommended RoutineTesting for Dogs and Cats


We recommend that Feline Combo tests (Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS) on all kittens over 6 weeks old. Both of these diseases are in our stay cat population in this area. We suggest testing outside and indoor/outdoor cats 1-2 years old and at least anually after.


Heartworm testing in dogs is a critical part of proper welness care, especially in our area. Heartworms are a very serious diseases in our area, they are carried by misquitos and all it takes is one misquito bite to infect a dog. Regulartesting and consistant prevention is essential! ALL adult dogs need a heartworm test with their "yearly" shots.


Fecal examinations are recommended for all "new pet" visits, any time the dog or cat is having loose poops, when boarding at certain kennels in the area, and semi-annually in healthy pets. We encourage owners to bring a smaple with them to their appointments, especially for cats!

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