Feline Neuter Post-Operative Care Instructions


Your pet had anesthia and surgery today - both are stressful on the body and often require several days to fully recover from. It is not unusual for activity and appetite to be decreased as well as urination and defication patterns altered (sometimes less, sometimes more, sometimes mild diarrhea, etc.) for 3-5 days afterwards. So as long as your pet is eating and drinking, not vomiting, and not having blood in either their urine or feces just monitor during this 3-5 day recovery window. All outside animals should be kept indoors for at least 48 hours if possible. Offer a very small amout of food and water the first night, but do not worry if one or both of these are not consumed. After the first night, resume normal feeding schedule and amount.


Your pet has two incesions in the scrotum - these are allowed to heal naturally with no stitches.. Monitor the scroyum for swelling or significant bleeding. Blood spotting (where the cat has sat) or just a few drops the first 3 days is to be expected and is not cause for concern. Bleeding that persists or is in excess of these amounts is cause for alarm.


Your cat did receive an antibiotic injection and anti-pain injection immediately following surgery. Mostcats do not need additional medication. If you feel your catisinpainpleaselet us know and we can prescribe some pain medication for them. Pain medication in cats have some very serious side effects so balancing the benefits -vs- risks is very important. If you feel your cat needs antibiotics, please recheck with us immediately.


You will need to monitor:

Scrotum, incision, gums (should be pink), appetite, water intake,

urination and defecation.


Danger Signs:


Not eatng, no urination or defecation for over 36 hours

Scrotum is significantly swollen


Bleeding or yellow discharge that persists more than 3 days


More than just a small amount of bloody or yellow discharge


Vomiting or bloody diarrhea


Decreased activity that lasts more than 5 days


Inability to stand or walk


Acting confused, disoriented, or walking "funny" after 12 hours


If you notice any of the mentioned danger signs contact us immediately! If you are unable to reach us and you feel that is is an emergency do not wait for a call back or till you can get thru, your pets health is most important. You may want to try and contact another vet or emergency clinic.


You can reach Coast Community Vet Clinic at 912.448.2282 

In case of emergency, as listed above you can also try

Savannah Emergency Clinic at: 912-355-6113

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